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Spin and Win - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento 1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.1.2 (23-Dec-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 100+
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Magento Spin and Win(Email Subscription Popup) Extension

With the increasing competition and the number of eCommerce companies, the site that is able to provide the best shopping experience to the customers shall survive. Enhancing customer engagement without annoying them is the key to success.

Knowband offers a hassle-free way to all the Magento store owner to achieve the much-needed user interaction. Magento Spin and Win is one such extension that serves ample purpose for you. Magento spin and win extension offers an interactive fun-filled spin and win game which let your customers win discounts. Forget the old conventional pop-ups that customers usually ignore and step your foot in a new era of highly interactive and responsive fun filled pop-ups.

Bless your store with this Responsive 3 in 1 pop up, it is an Entry pop up, Exit pop up and an Email Subscription pop up. This Magento Newsletter popup extension offers a smart and effective way to capture emails of your store visitors and increase your customer base.

The Extension also offers Mail Chimp and Klaviyo integration, the email Id entered in the email subscription(Exit Intent) pop will be automatically synced to the Mail Chimp and Klaviyo account of the Magento store owner.

The interactive pop-up can curtail the exit-intent of the store visitors. The gamified pop-up will make them reconsider their exit by offering alluring discounts which can be further used for shopping from the site. Thus, the Magento exit pop-up extension offers a win-win condition for both the sellers as well as the customers.

New Features of Magento Spin and Win:

  • Option to Enable/Disable the wheel sound.
  • Option to show/hide fireworks when a customer wins a discount.
  • Wheel customization option available to customize wheel design, color, and wheel text color.
  • Multiple new themes to choose one. Different themes are offered for occasions like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc.
  • Theme Preview option available at the backend to see the preview of the Spin and win popup at the admin panel itself.

Merchant benefits:

  • Magento Spin and Win is an interactive extension that is a 3 in 1 pop up, an entry pop up, exit pop up and Newsletter subscription pop up.
  • The responsive Magento Newsletter popup extension enhances customer base and subscriber of your Magento store.
  • The playful Exit pop up extension engages more customer and facilitates the buying process by offering them enticing offers.
  • Responsive gamified fun filled interface compels the visitors to enter their email id and in discounts.
  • The interactive email subscription popup increases the chances of conversions on your store.
  • Provides compelling reasons to the customers to complete the transaction and reduces cart abandonment. This directly correlates in increasing the conversion rate
  • The responsive email subscription popup is fully customizable, customize it as per your Magento theme.
  • Detailed Reporting: The Exit pop up offers interactive graphical and tabular reports.
  • Readymade email templates can be customized further.
  • Admin is also provided with a range of customization option for a truly personalized business.

Detailed Features of Magento and Win (Email Subscription) pop up:

The features and benefits offered by Magento Wheelio are ample. Listed below are some of the features offered by spin and win extension.

3 in 1 Popup: The interactive Magento spin and win is an Entry pop up, Exit pop up and email subscription pop up.

Design Control: Easy Customization

  • Magento store owner completely controls the design of this Magento Exit Intent pop up from intuitive backend admin panel.
  • Set the right colors and logo on the email subscription pop up to match your Magento website theme.
  • Ability to change the text and text color on the email subscription (Exit Intent) pop up.
  • Custom CSS and Custom JQuery to change the Newsletter pop up UI or behavior without even touching the base code.

Choose When, Who, and Where to show the pop up:

  • Option to auto close the email subscription pop up.
  • Option to set the delay time after which the Entry pop up Auto closes.
  • Magento Admin has full control of where to display the Newsletter popup, the popup can be shown on any page like homepage, category page, etc.
  • Magento admin also has control of selecting the user group whom to display the Entry popup. The user can be a new visitor, a  returning visitor or both.
  • Admin can also control the display time for the popup, admin can control the display by making it display as soon as the visitor enters the website(Entry popup), or leaves the website(Exit popup) or at after any regular interval as specified by the admin.
  • Magento admin can decide the GEO locations where s/he wants to display the popup, if admin do not want to show the popup in any country, then admin can exclude it using this setting.

Discount Options

  • The Interactive Newsletter popup extension allows choosing the discount to be Percentage OFF or Fixed value discount.
  • Magento admin chooses the discounts and offers to be shown on the slices of Spin and win wheel.
  • Magento Store Admin gets to choose the Probability (Gravity) of discounts being chosen. This helps you lure the customers by giving them a chance to choose an extreme discount value and control the probability of that offer being won by the customer.
  • The system generates unique Coupons automatically every time. There is no need to generate and share the same coupon with multiple users.

Email Integrator: Mail Chimp and Klaviyo 

  • Interactive Magento spin and win (email subscription) pop up offers Mail Chimp Integration and Klaviyo integration.
  • The email Ids entered in the email subscription pop up will be synced with store owner's Mail Chimp and Klaviyo accounts
  • The email Ids synced can be later used for personalized promotions or scheduling Mail Campaigns.

Design the Coupon Email to be sent

  • Magento admin can show the coupon right there on the screen after the customer spins the wheel or it will be sent via email or admin can choose both the options.
  • Readymade Email templates: 5 inbuilt Email Templates to send out the email with the discount code which can be further customized.
  • Magento Exit intent popup addon allows you to test the email before you send it to the customers.


  • View the performance of the Spin & Win Pop up by comparing the total coupons generated vs total coupons used.
  • Filter and View the Statistics between defined dates.
  • View the statistics by Country, by Device (Mobile or Desktop).
  • View the details of customers, email IDs registered and corresponding Coupon Code generated.

Additional Benefits:

  • Ability to use custom CSS and Javascript. The admin can make any custom changes from the admin panel of this Newsletter popup extension.
  • The pop-up invitations can be configured. The entire suite of display setting including screen compatibility.
  • The coupon generated by spinning the wheel can be conveyed to the customers via email as well.
  • The ability to subscribe the customer to your MailChimp, Klaviyo and other such accounts make email marketing a cinch for the online traders.
  • The extension presents the full statistical data in various formats including a line graph of coupon utilization, device graph and country graph and a complete list of coupon codes.
  • Along with the salient features, the extension is easy to understand, install and use.
  • The user engagement that the exit popup provides can reduce the bounce rate of your site, especially by reducing the cart abandonment.
  • With an alluring UI, you get to offer the giveaways in an innovative way.
  • It is SSL compatible and doesn’t conflict with the other extensions of the store.
  • It supports multilingual
  • Magento Spin and win(email subscription) pop up is compatible with all themes.
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile responsive design.

Customers benefit:

  • The very thing that online shoppers look for is offers and discounts. The spin and win extension allows the customer to get alluring offers just by spinning the wheel.
  • With a better shopping experience, the roulette wheel gets them excited. Getting the offers via the try-your-luck interface, makes them feel special.
  • It may even get addictive to some and the visitors may return more often. Attractive offers presented in an exciting manner ensures complete customer satisfaction.


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