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Gift Card Manager - Opencart Extensions
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Gift Card Manager - Opencart Extensions

Gift Card Manager Extension for OpenCart allows the store admin to add a gift card section to their store. Gift Cards are also known as e-gift or digital gift cards that help the store admin to boost the sale and acquire new customers. 

  • Create Gift Cards for the special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Customers can purchase and send the gift cards of a specific amount to their friends, family or colleagues. 
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  • Imponibile: 24.70€
Compatibilita: Opencart 2.0.x - 3.0.x
Ultima versione: v1.0.5 (18-Oct-20)
Aggiornamenti disponibili per 1 anno vendite: 250+
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Opencart Gift Card Manager

Digital Gifting is a new trend in the eCommerce industry. Gift Cards are getting popularity among the buyers as instead of spending their time to find a gift, shoppers can send the gift cards to their dear ones. Amazon is one of the best examples of the same, there is a separate Gift Card section on the Amazon store which is available in the header menu of the website and attracts the visitors. Here visitors can find Gift Cards for a special occasion and make the purchase in the simple steps which saves the time of shopper and improves the user experience. 

Knowband offers the Gift Card Manager extension for the OpenCart platform.  This extension provides an interface to the store admin to create a Gift Card section on the store. The admin can also have the option to promote the Gift Cards by showing the Gift Cards link in the header Menu, Call to Action button on the left, Store Footer, and My Account section. After enabling this module on their store the admin can start selling the gift cards. The store customer customers can purchase the gift cards for their own use or send it to their friends or family members through email. 

Benefits of selling Gift Cards on your store:

1) Improve customer experience: Instead of spending their time on finding a perfect gift, the visitor can select the gift card option. This will save the time of the customer and improve their experience in your store. 
2) Acquire new customers: The Gift Card Manager Extension for OpenCart can help you acquire new customers. By promoting your gift cards you can encourage your existing customers to send the gift cards to their friends, family or colleagues, this will help you to reach out to the new customers. 
3) Holiday sales/ Festival specific gift cards: During the holiday or festive seasons you can promote the gift cards that will help you to grow the sales and even after the holidays you will get store visits and sales from the customers who have received the gift cards. 

Features of the OpenCart Gift Card Extension:

1) Easy to install and configure: The store admin can easily install and configure the Gift Card extension on their OpenCart store. The OpenCart Gift Card Extension is compatible with the OpenCart version 2.0.x and 3.0.x.
2) Promote the gift cards: The Gift Card Manager module allows the store admin to highlight the Gift Card section in the website menu, left side link, footer link and my account section. 
3) Gift Card prefix: Branding is one of the most important factors to get success in the online business. The store admin can set the prefix for the gift card orders which help to spread the brand awareness.
4) Gift card order status: The Gift Card voucher extension allows the store admin to set the order status for the gift card orders, as soon as the order status will be updated to the set order status an email will be sent the gift card recipient. 
5) Gift Card Templates: The Gift Card Manager extension for OpenCart allows the store admin to create the attractive gift card templates. The admin just needs to define the Template name, select the image for the template, template keywords. The admin can also enable the options for the Physical Gift Card Allow, Virtual Gift Card Allow and Language. 
6) The gift card template setting allows the store admin to create the gift card templates for various occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Workplace, etc. 
7) Gift Card Image: In order to create the attractive gift card designs the store admin can create the images for the Gift Card Templates.  The module allows the admin to customize the gift card color, text to create alluring gift cards. 
8) Gift Card Orders: The admin can view the gift card orders from the Gift Card Orders tab of the extension. The admin can also modify the status of the orders.
9) Email Settings: After purchasing the gift card an email will be sent to the buyer and the recipient. The admin can customize the email content for the buyer as well as the gift card recipient. The admin can also change the subject line of the emails. 
10) PDF Settings: The gift card buyer can select the options - Print Yourself, Send By Email, Physical Card. The PDF Settings tab allows the admin to customize the look and feel of the PDF if the customer selects the option to Print Yourself. 
11) Cron settings to send the automated emails: In order to send the gift cards automatically the store admin can set the cron. After completing the cron setup gift cards email will get triggered automatically based on the date selected by the gift card buyer.


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