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Compatibilité: Magento v2.0.0 - v2.3.4
Dernière version: v1.0.0
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Magento 2 One Page Checkout Lite version

Online customers always expect fast responses and efficient service, therefore they choose to shop online. However, this online shopping experience is limited by the presence of an unappealing checkout process. In order to avoid the loss of your customers and product sales due to an unimpressive checkout page, you need to avail the services of this Magento 2 One Page Supercheckout Lite version module.       

For ensuring the faster online shopping experience and to reduce the shopping cart abandonments on your store, this Magento extension is packed with various features that can help in improving conversion rates, sales volume and customer engagement. By availing the services of this plugin, store owners can easily grab the instant attention of their targeted customers through the help of their simplified single page checkout facility.  


What is Magento One Page Checkout?

Magento One Page Supercheckout is a path breaking plugin that has made the online checkout process much faster and has helped in improving the customer engagement, conversion rates, product sales and customer retention for numerous Magento stores. With this plugin, online shoppers don't have to go through multiple unnecessary checkout pages that consumes much time and causes customers to leave a particular website. 

Let us take a look at the various advanced features of this plugin that has made it quite popular on various Magento stores

It is featured with-

1) Presence of a feature rich and powerful admin panel.

2) It is built on the mobile responsive theme design.

The exceptional features and functionalities of this plugin is equally important for both customers as well as from the admin perspective. Below are these features that has improved the functionality and productivity of your Magento store.

1. Feature rich admin Panel- It is now easier for the store admin to control the performance and productivity of their store with the help of this plugin. It allows easy management of the layout, content and design of your Magento website. Apart from this, you can carry out the desired changes or modifications in the design, layout and theme of your website with great ease. Further, you can choose the best theme and layout design for your Magento store from the available options based on your business requirements. This module also provides freedom to store admin for setting desired fields as mandatory and can select the various checkout fields to enable/disable them as per your store and checkout requirements. 

2. Mobile Responsive Theme Design- This Magento extension is built on the "mobile responsive” layout which helps users to get same level of functionality and viewing experience irrespective of the screen size of your digital device. 

Other Features

1. Consists of Ajax based checkout facility for improving the performance of Magento stores.
2. It is much faster and rich in features than Magento's default onepage checkout for ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.
3. Can be easily installed and configured.
4. Works perfectly with various devices like mobile, tablet, PC or Laptops due to the responsive design.
5. Comes equipped with free installation guide and support for facilitating trouble free plugin installation.

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