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Will SEO be affected by the changing platform on the back end?

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I wanted to know if changing platform at the back end, for eg; from wordpress to complete php affect the SEO. Also does the design change affect the SEO?  Keeping the domain name same.

asked Feb 22, 2017 in SEO by Bhawana (120 points)

2 Answers

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Site transfer is really a major change and we have to be very careful about it. Yes it will hurt the seo in some ways if you have not preplanned about it. You have to do your homework before transfering of website. If you are changing the url structure the you should put 301 redirection on the old url to new url.

Also, Create sitemap for existing site and verify all links of the sitemap is working after platform change. If you have changed the url structure then Google will take some time to index all new urls till then you have to wait.

The design or UI also make some effect on seo. If you have build a website with good ui and optimized your website then definetly you will have a positive effect. If you have not optimized your website then surely it will have a negative effect.
answered Feb 22, 2017 by Armegatron (940 points)
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No, not if you have followed below instructions-

1. You have not change any SEO keywords of your website.

Ex. if product1 has this URL before www.yousite.com/product1, the new URL must be same.

2. You have not made any change in HTML part of the front end.

Ex. H1 Tags on all pages,  meta properties (like meta keywords, meta title, meta description) , main images on product pages, SEO contents on your pages like category description on category page, product description on product page, schema tags etc.

3. Design changes does not affect the SEO. 


Suggestions for good SEO

1. https://goinswriter.com/website-seo-tips/

2. https://blog.monitorbacklinks.com/seo/search-engine-optimization-tips/

answered Mar 1, 2017 by teo.arjun (2,610 points)

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