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Unable to Change the layout of new order email template

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I need to change the layout of the items purchased in a new order email. Currently, the template we are using is using two lines and large fonts for each item ordered. The item description, quantity ordered, and price are on one line, and the sku is beneath on a second line. We would like to reduce the size of the font and put all of the information on one line. I have looked forever and cannot find where or how to modify. I have successfully modified the overall layout in transactional emails section of backend; but cannot get to the file that controls the items ordered. Thank you for any assistance.
asked May 29, 2017 in Magento by harsh (8,710 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Michael,
If you only want to change the font and concise the two lines text into one line then you only have to make changes into your mailer file. Just decrease the font size and remove the next line tag. After making this change do not forget to refresh the cache.
Caching is the process in which various variable are stored in the cache of the system. It makes the data extraction very fast. Cache is stored in magento_root/var/cache folder. To refresh cache go to System cache management panel and refresh all the cache. You can also manually clear the cache by deleting all the content of magento_root/var/cache folder.
Happy coding.
answered May 30, 2017 by Prashant (1,160 points)

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