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Will Google index my URL parameters if i have added canonical tag in HTML?

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Ex. I have a product page URL on my store https://www.mysite.com/premium-hair-extensions-curly-thick/?filter=2701

, I have added canonical tag on this page as https://www.mysite.com/premium-hair-extensions-curly-thick/.

So my question is which URL will Google index in search result?

Is my URL structure is fine?
asked Feb 22, 2017 in SEO by teo.arjun (2,610 points)

2 Answers

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If you have properly provided the canonical url in your html codes then Google will only index the canonical url and show them in the search results. Google has also added a feature of handling of parameter. Check this blog:-


If you have not provided the canonical url then it will index the actual url with parameters.
answered Feb 22, 2017 by Armegatron (940 points)
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I have found the solution to this question. I added canonical tags on my website product pages. So this page https://www.mysite.com/premium-hair-extensions-curly-thick/?filter=2701 and this page https://www.mysite.com/premium-hair-extensions-curly-thick/. have same canonical URL.

But after few days, i found that Google showed both URL is search result, It means Google indexed both URLs but Google gave the priority to canonical URL.

So if you do not want the parameterized URL to be shown in Google search result, you should add No-index tag for that URL. I have done the same and now everything is working fine.

answered Feb 22, 2017 by teo.arjun (2,610 points)
Yes! Google will index both URLs but it will give preference to the canonical URL. If you are using canonical of the other page that doesn't mean you are hiding this page from Google bot. It also means that you want to give preference to the page which you are mentioning in canonical tag.

So, canonical URL will be the preferred URL for Google bot. In addition, using canonical on filter page will provide the link juice to the targeted page. On the other hand, using No-index will finish the link juice of filter pages.

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