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Installation stops at 45% : Prestashop

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Today i try to update my prestashop to I delete all files with FTP on my hostserver an download the latest version of PS. Then i copied all files to the server an start the installation on www.mystoreadress.ch/install
Every time, it stopped at step 6, on 45% and tell he can do the settings for the shop. i tried it with firefox and safari, but i don't work on both.
before the new installation i also deletet the database and createt a new, like i had never before a shop.
but now is my big problem, i have now no shop!
can anybody help me?
i've i should give more information, please tell me exactly what have i to do, because im not so good with programming stuff...
Upadte 22.43:
I found the error log in the install folder on the server. The latest log:
[04-May-2014 22:41:46 Europe/Zurich] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'PrestaShopException' with message 'Property Language->name is empty' in /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php:837
Stack trace:
#0 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php(255): ObjectModelCore->validateFields()
#1 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/Language.php(103): ObjectModelCore->getFields()
#2 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php(455): LanguageCore->getFields()
#3 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/Language.php(201): ObjectModelCore->add(true, false)
#4 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/Language.php(755): LanguageCore->add(true, false, false)
#5 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/Language.php(894): LanguageCore::checkAndAddLanguage('fr', false, false, Object(SimpleXMLElement))
#6 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/LocalizationPack.php(297): LanguageCore::downloadAndInstallLanguagePack(Object(SimpleXMLElement), NULL, Object(SimpleXMLElement))
#7 /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/LocalizationPack.php(53): LocalizationPackCore->_installLanguages(Obj in /home/apfelrep/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 837
update 9.5.14, 23.45 - i installed the PS in englisch, and timezone europe/zurich and it was no problem, but i have the next problem, and created a new post.
asked Apr 27, 2017 in Prestashop by harsh (8,710 points)

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