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Show android mobile app when searched from the google search engine

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What can all the things be done in order to make android application rank when searched for a particular term related to that android app?
asked May 1, 2017 in SEO by vikas (170 points)

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Some hard work would be required to rank your app higher in Google search results. But here are few points which can help you in ranking it higher in Google search results:

1. Optimize the title and description

Here are the character limits for Google play metadata:
Title (30 characters),
Short Description (80 characters)
Long Description (4000 characters)

Use the name of the operating system in the app title and description. People using search engines to find an app are likely to include their platform in the search query.

2. Use the right keywords: 

a. I have a suggestion for choosing keywords for optimizing the app. If your app has some genuine reviews, then, you can find out the common terms from reviews which people are using to review your app. This will give you an idea, what people are looking for?

b. Take a look at the keywords for which your competitors are ranking.

c. Check out the high search volume keywords with low competition. You can balance this out with the help of tools.

3. Add Reviews

It will help the both user and Google bot.

4. Proper Technical Implementation: Here is a video where you can cross verify all the technical fields.


Apart from that, there are two strategies which will help in ranking your app higher in Google SERPs.

App Indexing: Here you need to implement the Firebase app indexing on your app. In short, By using the Firebase App Indexing SDK to drive user engagement for your app. You can also improve the ranking of your content in search and provide auto-completions based in your content to the users. If users don’t have your app on their device, an installation card can show up in search results when they search for apps like yours. Get the implementation details here:


Deep link Indexing: In short, after the implementation of deep link indexing, Google bot will be able to crawl and index your app data and screen in details. According to the industry experts, it helps in ranking the app higher in Google SERP. Get the implementation details here:


answered May 9, 2017 by Ekta (560 points)
selected May 9, 2017 by vikas

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