Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup Extension – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Eliminate unnecessary shipping costs and let customers buy the products conveniently and independently from physical stores using Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension. This module adds an unlimited number of pickup locations for the online business which is shown to the customers based on their country or postal codes. Pickup services added using Magento 2 store pickup module are helpful for the customers as they benefit in saving their shipping time and money. Choosing this shipping option during checkout helps customers in finding the nearest location, where they can pick up the order easily.

Magento 2 in-store pickup extension offers a seamless offline experience to the customers that ultimately reflects the sales process of your business. Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin uplifts the traffic volumes at your physical stores and improves the shopping experience of customers with DIY order pick up functionality. With Magento 2 Store locator module, you can show store locations in a nice and neat user interface which effectively aids customers in checking store availability and interacting with those physically before purchasing any product.

1.1 Striking Features of Google Maps Store Locator Plugin for Magento 2

To enable the self-service deliveries of products at different physical outlets of your eCommerce brand, quickly take an insight into the functionality of Magento 2 in-store pickup extension.

1. Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension integrate a fast and optimized in-store pickup functionality at your eCommerce store catering to various products need through offline stores. During checkout, customers can search the nearest available store for order pickup.

2. Magento 2 store pickup module allows admin to create and customize an unlimited number of pickup stores for their business.

3. Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin adds up a new shipping method on the site checkout easing customers in opting for the convenient find and pickup service.

4. With Magento 2 in-store pickup extension, admin can effortlessly configure the existing physical stores from the back-office without using any coding skills.

5. Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension require the integration of Google Map API Key for displaying the available stores for different country users.

6. Admin can add offline shop details like store name, address, zip code, country, latitude, longitude and shop image from the backend of Magento 2 Store locator module.

7. Magento 2 store pick up plugin allows you to show store location on the Google Map marked with a pin icon. To locate the physical store, the admin has to move the pointer over the map using a zooming function.

8. If required, admin can show the offline shop contact details including website, contact number, fax and business email.

9. Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin suggests the most relevant and nearby store suggestions to the customer based on their provided address.

10. Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension give two methods to add new stores for the brand. One is to add stores manually or adding bulk stores in a single go by uploading a .xlsx file from the back-office.

11. The whole functionality of store locator and pickup can be enabled or disabled from the backend.

12. Each of the physical stores can be enabled or disabled separately using this Magento 2 in-store pickup extension.

13. You can set an image for the Google Map pointer using this Magento 2 store pickup module.

14. Magento 2 Store locator module allows you to set a default zoom level for the Google Map integrated on the store locator page on the frontend.

15. With Magento 2 store locator and pickup module, the store owner can display physical distances of the store from the customer’s location in miles or in kilometers.

16. The store locator and pickup section can be shown on the homepage and in the site footer also.

17. Admin gets an option to set a custom URL for the store locator page using this Magento 2 pick-up module.

18. To make it look appealing, admin can set a landing page image for the store locator page with Magento 2 in-store pickup extension.

19. Admin can give store pickup options for selected countries only.

20. Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows admin to set the handling fee type and pickup amount.

21. Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension support multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.

2.0 Installation Guide of Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

1. Once after purchasing Magento 2 Store locator module from the Knowband store, you will get the following files on your registered email:

  • Source code file of Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

2. Unzip the extension package.

3. Create a folder{Magentoroot}/app/code/Knowband/Storelocator

4. Upload the extracted content in the above folder via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here:

5. Now run below commands to install the plugin:

php -f bin/magento module:enable –clear-static-content Knowband_Storelocator
php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

The Magento 2 Store Locator extension is now installed and ready to use.

3.0 Admin Interface of Magento 2 In-Store Pickup Extension

Just after the successful installation of Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension on your website, you can add and configure physical stores in accordance with business requirements. Navigate the settings in the given order: Admin Panel > Knowband > Store Locator and Pickup

The simple to understand admin interface of Magento 2 Store Locator module is divided into two broad sections namely:

1.General Settings
2.Manage Stores

Each of these sections has been discussed in detail below.

3.1 General Settings

The general settings of Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension offers you the following basic configurations:

Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

  • Enable/Disable: The store admin can enable or disable the functionality of Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin just by toggling this button.
  • Google Map API Key: Set the Google map API key in this field. The process to generate an API key has been discussed in section 3.1.1.
  • Google Map Marker: Admin can choose the desired image as Google Map marker.
  • Map Zoom Level: Admin can set the default zoom level for the location map.
  • Distance Unit: Admin can set the unit of distance in kilometers or miles. This distance depicts the reach to offline store from the customer’s exact location.
  • Display on Homepage: Admin can decide whether they want to show or hide the store locator option on the Homepage.
  • Display Phone Number: Enable or disable this option to show or hide the contact details for the store.
  • Display Footer Link: Enabling or disabling this option will show or hide the store locator link in the footer section.

Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

  • Footer Link Text: This option sets the text for the store locator link shown in footer section of the website.
  • Store Locator Page URL Key: This option sets a custom page URL for the store locator page.

Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

  • Landing Page Image: This option set the landing page image for the store locator page. Simply browse and choose any file of your choice.


  • Geo Location for Store Pickup: Admin can set the option whether they want to display store locator functionality in selected areas or worldwide.
  • Select Country: This option allows you to set multiple countries where the store pickup options will be provided to the customers.

3.1.1 How to generate the Google Map API key

The eCommerce store admin can generate the Google API key by following these steps:

  • Click on the “Get Started” button: The admin can click on this button to get the Google map API key.

Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension

Pickup the products: When the admin will click the “Get Started” button this pop-up will be displayed.

Project selection: The eCommerce store admin can select or create a project.

1. Select a project:


2. Create a new project:

Setup the billing: The eCommerce store admin can now set up the billing.

After billing the store admin can get their Google map API key.
On the Credentials page, get an API key:

The store admin can select the API key option:

The admin can select the restrict key option from the dialog box to set a browser restriction on the API key.


In the Key restriction section, the store admin can select HTTP referrers (web sites), then follow the on-screen instructions to set referrers.

This way the admin can set the Google map API key.


3.2 Manage Stores

The owner of eCommerce stores can add new physical stores for their brand under this admin section. They can configure the details of the existing stores or can delete them directly from this place. This way, the Prestashop Store locator addon allows the admin to add, delete and edit the store related details.

Also, this admin interface gives you a complete view of the list of existing offline stores.

The store admin can easily add a store from the admin panel. After clicking on the “add new store” button, a screen will be shown like below:


New physical stores can be added in two ways:
1. Adding stores manually
2. Importing stores using .xlsx file

1) Adding Stores Manually


  • Enable/disable: This option shows or hides the particular physical store.
  • Store View: This option lets you select all store views for which this physical store is visible.
  • Store Name: You can set the name of your store using this option.
  • Store Address: You can set the address of the store.
  • Zip/Postal Code: This option lets you set the zip or postal code for the store.
  • City: This option lets you set the city of the store.


  • State: This option will set the state of the store.
  • Country: This option sets the country of the store.
  • Latitude: This option sets the latitude value of the store.
  • Longitude: This option sets the longitude value of the store.


  • Google Map Location: This option allows you to point the address of the store on Google Map using locator icon.


  • Website: This option sets the link to the official website of the store.
  • Contact Number: This option sets the contact number of the store.
  • Fax: You can set the fax detail of the physical store.
  • Email: This option allows you to set the contact email address of the store.
  • Store Image: Using this option, you can upload a desired image for the store.


  • Enable Store Pickup: This option will enable or disable the store pickup functionality. This can be used when the product stock runs out.
  • Enable Store Pickup Amount: This option lets you enable or disable the store pickup amount if applicable as per the business needs.
  • Pickup Amount: This option lets you set the pickup amount for the order by the customer.
  • Handling Fee Type: With this option, you can select the type of handling pickup charge. Three options are offered under this category: per product, per quantity and whole order.


  • Store Timing: With this option, you can select the opening and closing time for the store on all days within a week. To keep the store pickup off for a particular day, you can simply un-tick the Open/Close check box.

2) Importing Stores Using .xlsx File


  • Store Views: Select the store views where the imported stores will be visible.
  • Upload File: Using this option, you can upload the .xlsx file in order to import new physical stores.
  • Download File Sample: Download a sample file to check the way of listing store information in a .xlsx file format.

4.0 Front Interface of Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin

A) In the front, the customers can find the nearby stores directly from the Homepage.


They can locate the nearest store by entering a landmark address that is conveniently reachable from their actual location. For the provided address/city/state, a list of store recommendations is shown to the customer. Customers can view the details for any of these physical shops and can pick up their products.

Moreover, they can check the contact details, name, distance and opening timings for the shop. Hence, this way the customers get their product faster, conveniently and without paying extra shipping charges.

B) Store Location link in the footer section


C) Store Location options on the Checkout page
Here, the customer can select the pickup option for their product. Note that other shipping methods are also available here.

The customers can view the store on the front-end like this:

The customers can place their pickup orders easily by selecting the date and time as desired.

Note that the option of “Search Store Pickup” is also provided. Customers can click this option when they want to see the complete details for the listed stores. On clicking the button, a popup will be shown in the image below.


D) Pickup details after successful order completion

E) After placing an order, customer will receive an email confirming the order pickup details.

F) The owner of the physical shop also receives an email confirming the pickup order placed by the customer.

29This way, the online store merchant can show multiple physical stores on the website using Google Maps and allow the online users to pick up the order from the store itself. The Magento 2 store locator and pickup module is highly customizable and allows showing multiple stores without any restriction. The e-merchant can show a store pickup option on the checkout page. The online users can select the nearest store and pick up their orders as per their preferences. They don’t need to pay delivery charges for the ordered product. The Magento 2 Store locator extension offers easy store management, admin can show store name, address, working days, contact information and store image easily for a better understanding of the customers. By offering the store locators and pickup facilities, admin can get more orders.

For more details about this Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension, please visit:

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