Avoid Top 5 Mistakes While Incorporating Pop-Ups In Your Website

Avoid Top 5 Mistakes while Incorporating Pop-Ups in your Website

One of the most important factor in determining the popularity of any eCommerce store is through the offers made by the seller. Most of the time, the seller would provide attention seeking discounts, such that customers don’t feel like to miss the deal. This has become more common and almost every store owner follows this approach to get more customers.

The old and classical form of providing offers via email subscription pop up us has become obsolete. Moreover, it becomes quite annoying for the customers to deal with the subscription and email to redeem offer every time. Thus, most of the time, customers are unlikely to avail offers through this approach. Therefore, the seller need to be change the approach in order to reach out to potential buyers.

There are a number of ways to make your website more attractive and engaging without annoying the visitors. Shopify responsive popups is one such option. These exit popups are an upgraded version to classical exit popups. The exit popup present the offers and deals by sellers in creative way and also engages customers in a very pleasing manner. The customers will be excited to avail any offer, if it is presented in a creative manner. Thus, responsive exit popup do fulfill the purpose.

Most of the time, store uses the old exit popup which irritates the customer and results in loss of will to purchase. Therefore, the sellers must switch the old exit popup in their sites to new and creative pop ups. However, in order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be careful about some of the common mistakes. Let us discuss some of the mistakes that sites make while incorporating exit popup.

1.  Less Interactive

Less interactive

Most of the time, a customer wants to get better insight of the store. If the store keeps popping with the some exit popup than it might upset the customer. Therefore, the stores must come with better idea to keep the customer engaged. Using the same classical approach of exit pop up might turn the customer away from the store, which may lead min loss of customers, generating low revenues. The exit popup should be engaging and should intrigue the customers to enter their email ids.

2.  More Demanding

More Demanding

The exit popups which demand customers for more information and lengthy process seems stressful. The customer visits a store in order to make fast and better purchase and if the seller demands too much of the data then the customer is most likely to leave the store. Therefore, the seller must make sure that the exit popups are not very demanding and provides offers within the comfort zone of the customer. The exit popup should help the customer in availing the offers in a better way instead of restricting their visit. The better the exit popup, more are the chances of the customers to purchase products using the offers provided. Thus, getting better conversions.

3.  No innovation

No Innovation

One of the major disadvantage of using classical exit popups is the lack of innovation. How do the store get better customer engagement, if their approach is common? Thus, the stores must use innovative ideas like Spin and Win pop up which keeps shopping fun for the customers. Moreover, the chances of customers to make a purchase is better if they have a seamless online shopping experience. The seller must be innovative when it comes to providing offers to customers. Better the idea, more are the chances of customers availing the offer and generating better revenues for the seller.

4.  Unwanted offers

Unwanted offers

Most of the time a customer is unlikely to take deals from the seller due to unwanted offers. Thus, one of the priority of the sellers must be providing better offers to the customers. If customer needs an offer for garments and instead he is given offer for electronic devices, he will definitely leave the offer. The web store should be more common about providing offer through exit popup which find their utility to majority of the customers. Not doing this may lead on to lose the customers interest from purchasing products from the store. It eventually leads to low sales and low rate of conversions.

5.  Time oriented

Time Oriented

The unwanted exit popup of offers may upset the customers. Thus, the exit popup should be presented in a timely manner. Using the exit popup more frequently may upset the customers about the services provided by the sellers. Hence, the proportion of the exit popup must be in a balance amount. Showing exit popup in a very low amount may lead to missing out for customers while if this is done in excessive rate, it may irritate the customers. The key to getting better customers is the timely approach of the pop used.


The exit popup serve a great purpose in binding the customers towards the store. Hence, making sure that the customers get great deals and offers within their comfort zone is the key to prospering web store. The redefining the web store with some innovative ideas and achieve better eCommerce conversions.

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