Ensure Swift and Easy Product Returns with this Prestashop Return Manager Addon

In any business organization, getting a product back from a customer appears as a cumbersome task due to the numerous formalities and complications involved in the whole process. The whole experience can be an unforgettable nightmare if there are no easy provisions regarding the efficient product return policy. Due to this increased problem in the returning policy, customers as well as the e- commerce organizations are paying a heavy price and the trust deficit between them is brewing at a faster pace. This issue needs to be checked urgently so as to improve the functioning of an e- commerce organization among its business rivals. To simplify the whole return policy and to streamline the whole process e- commerce organizations are increasingly adopting Prestashop Return Manager Addon that has revolutionized the whole product returning process. Here are the few reasons that explains the unlimited fan frenzy about this Prestashop addon.

Seamless product return policy-

This Prestashop Addon has redefined the whole process of product return to a new level. It is now easier to make product return request for any item without involving any terms and conditions and complications. Due to this simplified process, site admin can easily process the product return request for even a single product out of a complete given order. Moreover, it has provided freedom to the admin to approve or deny any product return request if the return request is found to be illegitimate in nature.

Effective handling of the return product database-

With the help of this Prestashop Return Manager Addon, managing the record of every product return request has become a cakewalk. Every product return request is effectively stored in the store database and is available even after the uninstallation of the module. Moreover, the module provides the facility of exporting the completed return request in csv format. In order to facilitate faster searching of the records, filter option is provided in the archive list.

Enhanced power to the site admin-

The module has unleashed new powers and flexibility to the site admins and has made them a focal point of the whole product return policy. Due to its wonderful features, merchants can easily process a product return request from the back end of their module on the behalf of their customers. Apart from this, it provides great flexibility to the site admin to create his/her own return policies. To facilitate a greater participation of the site admin, the module provides an additional functionality to create different return policies for each product. Also, it provides other features like email translation and email template customization so as to make product return process more simplified and less time consuming.

Easy user friendly interface-

The module is equally a delight for customers as well due to its easy, user friendly interface. It provides three options to the customers during the product return process which are namely- Get Credit, Replace and Refund. It also provides facility like partial returning of the purchased product and a single product return from a given order. Moreover, it provides added functionality to its customers to check the status and history of their product return request.

So, with the introduction of this Prestashop Addon, returning any ordered product has become much simplified and easier. It has reduced the loads of formalities, paperwork and complications that used to come uninvited with the product return request. It is time to take a long breathe and ease your tensions by purchasing this Prestashop addon from our e- commerce store knowband for a seamless business working environment.

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