6 must have OpenCart Module for Your eCommerce Store

OpenCart is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms. Even though the ease of doing business with the help of this CMS system is intriguing, the online customers seeks way more features than the basic ones offered by it. This is when the role of the addons come into play. Therefore, in order to make the web store more interactive there is a need to make use of modules which can enhance the customer’s experience. The modules also help in making the services better for the customers.

The eCommerce sites scan use a multiple modules to enrich the store and to make it a better place to shop from. The modules provided for OpenCart extension serve different purposes and in order to get a better insight of their working let us give a look on some of these modules.

1. Social Loginizer


The allowance to the customers to browse the web store without asking any unnecessary details adds to the basic step of making a conversion. The OpenCart Social Loginizer allows the customers to access the web store without having to enter all the details and registering on the web store. The customers can use their social media login details to access the web store. This saves the customers a lot of time and at the same tie the exit rate of h web store re also reduced to very large extent. The module is quite handy as most of the time, the customers already have the logged in one their social media account and the web store can easily extract the customers information by allowing them access by making use of these details.

2. One page checkout

Prestashop One Page Checkout

The idea of filling out information in several ages of the web store may seem quite annoying for the customers who wishes to make a fast purchase and exit the web store. Thus the OpenCart One page checkout module helps the customers to fill in the details of their shopping expenses and move out of the web store. One of the added advantage of their module is that it can be used as a subscribing method for the web store owners. The web store can ask the customers to fill in the details to enjoy the one page checkout option from the web store. Most f the time the customer’s doesn’t give a second thought on filling out information as they want to enjoy the easy exit.

3. Mobile app builder

Mobile App Builder

The trend of using the mobile apps in order to promote the web store is quite trending. Most of the web store owners have already established their mobile app in order to gain better conversions. The OpenCart Mobile app builder helps the web store owner to easily establish a mobile app which can be used by customers for making purchase by using their mobile apps. The mobile app creator is quite useful and assists the web store owner with the complete process.

4. Ajax cart

Prestashop Ajax Cart+ Module

The customers want an easy overview of all the products that they have purchased. As getting a better order overview will help them in making purchase of all the necessary products. Thus, the Ajax cart module helps the customers in achieving the same. The Ajax cart shows a pop up whenever a customer adds a product to the cart and the complete information of the cart can be made available. The customers also gets the convenience to apply gift cards and coupons to apply on the product purchase. The pop up allows the customers to directly land on the checkout page, thus making sure the customers doesn’t have to go through the lengthy process to reach the conversion page.

5. Abandoned cart

Abandoned Cart

The number of abandoned cart is increasing with rates rate. According to a survey, almost 7 out of 10 customers leaves their cart unattended. In the try the web store needs to reach out to the customer to make sure that they make a successful purchase on their products and also the conversion rate of the web stores are well maintained. Therefore, the OpenCart abandoned cart module helps in reducing the number of abandoned carts from the web store by making sure that the customers who have abandoned their cart receives Email and sent notifications about their left cart. This helps in reaching out to the customer well and making sure that the web store has better conversions.

6. Advanced wish list

Advance Wish List

The customers always need to make a purchase on the products that they need or like the most. During this process it may happen that the customers may find some other items better and would like to make a purchase on those products later. Thus, the OpenCart advance wish list module enables the customers to create the wish list for the items that they want to make a purchase on in the near future. The customers can add items to the list and also save it in their shopping list.

7. Exit pop up

Prestashop Exit Popup Module | Knowband

Many times the customers wish to exit the store before making a complete purchase. In that case, the web store loses a possible conversions that could have been otherwise completed. Thus, the OpenCart exit pop up module enables the web store to pop up an exit pop up in front of the customers as they are about to exit the web store. This helps the web store owners to retain some of the customers who would have otherwise exit the web store in to successful conversions. It is one of the best way to reach out to customers and provide them with multiple offer such as to complete their purchase.

Over to You

The availability of multiple OpenCart modules has helped the web store owners to make the store a better place and the feasibility of these modules in various aspects definitely helps the customer to make better purchase on the products.

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