Conventional Mistakes that are Killing your eCommerce Subscriptions

The e-retail is now not just restricted to a few eCommerce giants. It is actually steering international platform. At the same time, the era of growth hack is marked with the commencement of a number of start-ups. While the acquisition of new website traffic is inevitable, the customer retention is what contributes to the overall success of the eCommerce. It is said that an increase in 5% of the customer retention can boost the sales by 25% – 125% depending on other factors as well.

With so many shopping sites and ample choices for the online shopper, the seemingly easy task of getting their email ids is actually a challenge. the same goes true with customer retention. The eCommerce subscriptions is one of the ways to repeat the purchases. It won’t be wrong to state that is an easy hack to amortize the acquisition cost with repeat purchases. Thus, it is inevitable to say that in order to increase your sales you need to increase your customer base. The conventional exit and subscribers pop-up have been a trend in the eCommerce ecosystem ever since it’s commencement. However, these pop-ups have been rather accused of putting the customers off instead of motivating them to enter email ids. Going with the outrageous tactics of mouse-hover pop-ups and others have shown results, but at the same have their own negative impact. Hence, being careful with these conventional mistakes is the key when it comes to increasing the subscription of the site.

In a nutshell let us discuss some of the mistakes that may be killing your website subscription. Check them out.

Mistake 1: Sticking to the traditional means

Sticking to the traditional means

Do you think a store visitor would share his personal details with you in return of the small discounts that you might be offering? Why would they subscribe to your web store without feeling the need? The chances of this happening are very slim. The exit pop-ups and eCommerce scratch card pop-ups asking them to enter their email ids in order to avail the offers may work occasionally. However, sticking to the same means be destructive for your site. You need to ask for the details of the customers in a subtle way. As per a study, 95% of the visitors responded negatively to these pop-ups. Keep the entire process flexible for the store visitors. Along with the alluring discounts, provide them an option to decline the offer. Otherwise, it would ultimately lead to their exit from the website.

Mistake 2: No personalized touch

The online marketing is now being over-powered with emotional marketing. The coming era is all about finding the emotional connection with your prospective customer base. A lot is being talked about the customer behavior and the personalization of marketing tactics with this insight. The very first thing that any of the e-marketers would do is to get an understanding of the customer behavior. The real-time behavior can be used to provide a personalized touch to the campaign. The eCommerce companies can boost the brand awareness and generate quality leads by creating a personal connect with the audience. Not making use of the customer’s insight is the biggest mistake that e-merchants are committing even today. Optimize your communication and you shall reap the desired result.

Mistake 3: Not being innovative

Not Being Innovative

It won’t be wrong to state that the exit pop-ups may appear annoying, but they really works. However, for a long-term impact, you need to be a bit more creative. Gamification is one of the ways to make the entire process of fun and addictive for the store visitors. Something like spin and win pop up can help the e-merchants motivate their customers to enter their email ids without annoying them. The interactive pop-up allows the users to get try their luck by rotating the wheelio. They avail the best offers of the online store only by entering the email ids. The gracious way of engaging the visitors can set your site rocking. So, be innovative and start spinning some leads.

Mistake 4: Lack of customer interaction

The online shoppers these days are in a habit of researching about things on internet. Thus, content marketing is one of the ways to trigger the interest of the visitors in your site. Provide them with the information they are looking for with quality contents. Not just the web store’s content, even the contents you post on the third party sites plays a vital role. Blogging posting on the quality sites can help you attract larger audience. You may even ask them to subscribe to the blogging site for the updates on the same. In addition, interacting with the customers is the best way to keep them engaged and lure them to subscribe. Provide real time chat services and customer supports.

Mistake 5: Not leveraging the social media platform

Social Media

The social media sites are best platform to find your audience base. Facebook, Instagram and other such sites can help you get a better insight of the customer’s behavior. So, leverage the power of the platforms effectively. Interact and engage with them in these sites. There are sites that use the option of auto-subscribe. They may get you some easy instant leads, but in the long run it may hit hard on the trust factor. Building up the strong and lasting relationship with the target audience is the key to success. Tricking them into subscriptions may cost you some loyal customers. So, create the connection on these platforms and use it efficiently in order to enhance the customer base.


The more subscriber adds to the site, the better is the chances of sales. At the same time, the customer must never feel like they are being forced by the online stores into subscribing for the same. There are many factors to look out before asking for the subscription, but the idea of presenting them in front of the customers must be done in a manner where both the website and the buyer feel comfortable.

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