How to optimize your checkout page and improve conversions?

Checkout is the frequently looked area for retailers. This is the page that brings you conversions. Optimizing it can prove to be very beneficial to increase the conversion rate and store revenue. Well, there are many factors actually that decide the conversion rate of your store, like your website appearance, product availability, browsing experience, etc. but the checkout process surpasses every other factor of the website in terms of importance.

When a customer is committed to buying something from your store, the checkout process is his/her primary focus. A majority of the customers want to check out as quickly as possible and you can relate this whenever you visit an offline store. After you are done choosing your product, you look for a billing counter that is less crowded. Why? Because it won’t take much of your time and you will be able to take an early exit. I hope this clears why an easy checkout process is crucial.

The checkout process plays a major role in deciding the cart abandonment rate on your store. A smooth checkout process brings more conversions while a complicated checkout process only increases the cart abandonment rate. Do you know 7 out of every 10 people abandon their cart? Let’s try to figure out some reasons for that.

Why people abandon their shopping cart?

The topmost reasons for shopping cart abandonment are:

1. A complicated checkout process
2. Slow loading of website
3. Shipping/Delivery charges making the product price higher
4. Customers just wanted to add product in the cart to buy it later
5. Too long delivery time
6. Preferred payment option not available

According to some statistics collected by Baymard Institute, the reasons for cart abandonment during checkout are:


Some of the reasons mentioned above can be easily worked upon but a complicated checkout process is the one thing you should look to work upon the most. In this article, I will suggest some ways to optimize your checkout process and make it fast, safe and secure to improve the conversion rate.

How to Optimize your checkout page?

1. Implement a single page checkout on your store


There’s no clear conclusion to the debate on one-page checkout vs multi-page checkout. However, a single page checkout looks more prominent as it eliminates multiple steps to head towards the final checkout option. A one-page checkout offers many benefits:

  • One page checkout contains lesser steps and customers are able to complete their transactions quickly.
  • All the necessary information required by the owner is displayed on a single page. Customers can fill it and submit in one go.
  • One step checkout avoids the hassle of multiple clicks. When customers are offered less no. of clicks to deal with, the chances of conversion rate are much higher.
  • When customers are done filling the information, one-page checkout gives them a push to complete the purchase thinking that they will have to enter the whole information again if they discard the page.

To make your one-page checkout page more effective, you can de-clutter the check out page by asking only for relevant information and use features like Google auto-address fill to help users check out faster. There are many modules available for the same, which will be helpful to implement the one-page checkout on your store in just a few clicks. For more information, click here.

2. Experiment with One-click Check-out

One-click checkout is one of the best ways to improve user engagement and online conversions. For e-commerce platforms that focus on providing great customer service, one-click checkout is the must-try option. It serves various advantages.
It happens so often that customers have to remove the already added items in their cart if they wish to buy any other item. This gets sorted with the help of one click check-out.

  • It triggers customers to take instant action.
  • One-click checkout allows direct purchasing of products without adding it to the cart.
  • Current cart items of customers are not affected with one click check-out

3. Avoid Mandatory Sign-ups

Customers today are very much serious and sensitive about sharing their personal information. No matter how popular your store is, some people just don’t want to share their private information with you, yet so many e-commerce platforms have made the sign-up process mandatory.

If we look from a merchant’s point of view, it is quite understandable that they want to get more subscribers to get more sales and increase conversion rate but they also need to understand that not everyone wants to be a part of their campaigns, offers, newsletters, etc. The percentage of such customers might be low but remember, even a slight increase in conversions can boost your sales. So, skip the mandatory sign-up and provide a guest checkout option on your store.

4. Offer Free Shipping and Easy Returns


Shipping cost has remained to be a disappointment for online shoppers. The extra added amount during the checkout process unwillingly forces customers to abandon their cart. The shipping cost varies from store to store. Some stores charge a heavy shipping amount and this is enough to turn away the customers from their store.

Providing free shipping can enhance the chances of a better conversion rate. When the product amount remains the same during the checkout as it was while choosing the product, it gives customers a sense of joy. Along with that, you can provide an easy product return option. It gives them an assurance that they can place a return request easily in case they receive a wrong or defective item.

5. Track activity of users who are abandoning their carts

Since we cannot read a customer’s mind and know the exact reason why they abandoned their cart, we can track their activities to understand what’s stopping them from completing their purchase, what could be the possible reason that is leading to cart abandonment. To know more, how to avoid cart abandonment on your eCommerce store? Click here.

Figure out at which point most of the customers are taking a pause and returning. Find out the details of the users who left the items in their cart but did not check out, and then take a follow up by sending them a reminder over email. This can help you understand your customers better and improve the conversion rate on your store.

Also, there are many plugins available in the market which will help you in doing so. Check out the benefits and features of the Abandonment Cart Module.

6. Offer social login options


Allow customers to log in to your store directly with their Facebook or Gmail account. This will save their time and they will be able to checkout quickly from your store.

7. Provide Multiple Payment Gateways


Limited payment options don’t leave a positive impact on your customers. If you want to take your business to a higher level, you need to have multiple payment options on your store. Having multiple payment methods allows users to choose their desired payment mode from a variety of options, which results in a higher conversion rate.

8. Provide Multiple Shipping Services

Providing multiple shipping services to your visitors gives them an option to choose their preferred shipping method from a number of options. Different shipping stores have different delivery times. Some even guarantee a 1-day delivery, so this option is very helpful, especially for a user who wants to get his/her product delivered shortly.

9. Address Autofill


Provide customers the benefit of filling their address automatically using Google Auto-address fill. This feature once enabled on your store, starts suggesting locations to the customers based on their IP address.

10. Make Customers Feel Secure

Comfort your customers by making them feel that their payments are secured. You can display the debit card/credit card logos on the checkout page or a short text that reads something like “Fast and secure payment”. This creates a sense of trust among your users.

11. Make your Checkout Mobile Responsive

Today, most people prefer to do online shopping via their mobile devices. According to a Statista report, In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce, up from 58.9 percent in 2017. This is the main reason why businesses are paying more focus towards convenient mobile browsing so as to ensure their visitors enjoy a seamless experience not only from desktop but from a hand-held device as well. so, make sure the checkout page is mobile responsive for a better conversion rate from mobile devices.


Optimizing checkout process is not restricted to some fixed strategies only. You can look for plenty of ways to improve your checkout conversion rate. However, with the above-suggested methods, you will be able to optimize your checkout page in a much better way and you will start feeling the increment in your store conversions soon.

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  1. Great article Manish. Thank you for providing such valuable content. I will surely try to look into the methods that you have talked about. One page and one-click checkout look promising.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Michael. Do let me know how valuable were these suggestions for your store’s checkout.

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