Time for some great App Marketing Campaigns from which we require to learn

Convincing customers isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. Keeping them on their toes in such a competitive market requires a lot of planning and efforts. When we think about acquiring leads through a mobile application, it just gets tougher. If we look at some of the successful marketing campaigns, they prove that with the right approach […]

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How are Push Notifications beneficial in driving more eCommerce sales?

Online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate and retaining app users isn’t easy for an e-merchant nowadays. Push notifications are the best-suited option for product marketing as they target almost every app user and motivates them for more purchases. Push notifications are actually real-time messages which go directly from online website to the user’s […]

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Apple is bringing transparency in its app market by linking all apps with Privacy Policies

Apple, the tech giant never fails to justify its motto – Think Different and why not to have an extraordinary approach? Look where this approach has brought them, a trillion dollar worth company. This time they came up with the new announcement regarding privacy policies. The iPhone maker is asking all the developers to link […]

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